Speaking of Mindfulness…

Speaking of mindfulness, I just got out of the shower and discovered I had only shaved one leg. And I have two. Legs, that is.

On an unrelated note, also speaking of mindfulness, I opted to eat 5 mini-snickers after a pretty heavy therapy session the other day. But! I knew I was emotionally eating while I emotionally ate. Hence, mindfulness. Today, I also opted to be aware I was emotionally eating while I emotionally ate a large quantity of Lays and french onion dip.

Then I demanded to my husband that he should let me unilaterally name our baby this amazing name I made up, which he thinks sounds like a brand of eye drops, and while we’re at it, he should also let me decorate our apartment exactly the way I want it with no input from him.

As I said it, I knew I was being ridiculous. So yes, I was being pretty mindful.

He laughed, which is the only kind response when your wife is getting a bit nutty and approaching the third trimester of pregnancy (are those two things related?).

It’s so great to be a self-aware wreck.

On yet another unrelated note, here is a quote from one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Adyshanti:

Balkan worked with Polygon Studio to design a classically structured bridge that would easily fit in with the visual aesthetic o - Edited


A hefty price, eh?


The real question is, should I shave my other leg or just go with it?



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