More About Me

Hi friends. Welcome. If you love spirituality, mom life, yoga, and green, natural living, you’ll feel right at home here. If, on the other hand, the preceding sentence made you throw up a little bit in your mouth, you will most definitely feel at home here.

So…. about me. I’m a wife, a mom, a mental health therapist, and a living, breathing human being.

Despite appearances (maybe?) of normalcy, my life has been altogether strange. Like Alice in Wonderland I find myself frequently thinking, “Curiouser and curiouser…”

In 2012, I met a spiritual teacher, and that encounter changed the trajectory of my life (not to mention blew apart my old paradigms). Before that, I was trying to find meaning in life by rock climbing a lot. Now, I’m trying to find meaning in life by UNDERSTANDING THE TRUE NATURE OF REALITY AND THEN REMEMBERING IT ALL THE TIME ONCE I REALIZE IT (that should be no problem, right?).

Since that first encounter, there have been many ups and downs; I’m usually more lost than found, but I find immeasurably joy in nesting and snuggling up with my family along the way.

Follow along on my efforts to find truth in this wild wonderland and to create a home with and for my husband (aka J) and my toddler (aka Warrior Girl).