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Note to Self: About Anxiety and Procrastination

I have created a handy flow chart detailing two ways to handle the urge to procrastinate, and the outcome of each. This is a note to self for when I don’t know what to write/don’t want to do paperwork, etc. Way #1 – My preferred method of THE PAST! Because from now on I’m going to follow flow chart #2! Right? And… Flow Chart #2! The flow chart I will follow to banish procrastination from my life FOREVER! Right? Truly though, it does work pretty well. If only the siren call of googling random stuff weren’t so strong… That would help. I guess the chart should include a step where you unplug your modem/router if use of the internet is not 100% necessary to do the thing. What are your favorite strategies to overcome procrastination? What are your favorite distractions to keep you from doing The Thing You Need To Do? &nbsp…