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So I am not doing one of my typical, longer article-style posts this week. Here’s why: my site is a bit of a mess. Have you noticed?

So rather than pontificating to you all about something-or-other this week, I am going to choose a new WordPress theme and attempt to get it up and running on my site. What this means is my site will hopefully be more attractive and easy-to navigate in the near future.

On that note, any tech-savvy individuals or fellow bloggers have recommendations for WordPress blog themes?

In the meantime, here are some updates on life lately at Home in Wonderland:

I will hit 35 weeks on Wednesday, but who’s counting? At (almost) 35 weeks, (like how I round up the weeks?) the old first-trimester fatigue is back in full-force. I have a significant list of things I am hoping to get done before the little one makes her appearance. I was fortunate to have help organizing the girls’ room from my mom and sister this week. And J did a maternity photo shoot. Here’s a peek:


We had a delightful Thanksgiving involving some of my favorite people, a lukewarm hot tub (for the pregnant woman), and virgin Moscow Mules. Oh, and 15 pounds of mashed potatoes. Mmm… mashed potatoes…. Everyone was straight up impressed by the sheer quantity of food I was able to put away and I spent the rest of the evening lolling about, barely able to move. It was everything I dreamed of.



Days have been busy with work, paperwork, cleaning, toddler-chasing, getting ready for baby and etc. But in the evening, the indulgent snacks come out and J and I lounge on the couch.

This week we watched the documentary “Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond.” It chronicles Jim Carrey’s strange journey of losing his identity as he plunges deep, deep into method acting for the role of the deceased Andy Kaufman in “The Man on the Moon.” The film involves art, identity, philosophy, non-dualism, a little preaching from the modern-day Jim Carrey, and ultimately, a fascinating story. It’s on Netflix. Watch it and then let’s talk about it. Because I call that fun.

Here is the trailer.

Okey dokey, I’ll see you all next week with a new blog theme! In the meantime, pardon the dust on the site as I work to get it all set up with my somewhat limited tech skills. 🙂



  1. nancy | 28th Nov 17

    stunning picture!

    • Margaret Sky | 28th Nov 17

      Thank you!

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